Best Rear Shocks for Towing – Buying Guide

    Are you struggling to find the most robust and resilient rear shocks for towing? You have come to the right place. This post will look at the features, pros, and cons of the best shock absorbers for towing applications.

    Towards the end, we have also shared some essential factors to consider when shopping for shock absorbers. These factors will help you narrow down your search, especially if you are a beginner.

    Investing in superior quality shocks is vital if you have a towing vehicle and want the best driving experience. Shock absorbers are essential in any car because they help achieve your desired stability.

    It is time to check your vehicle if you sense vibrations in the steering wheel. This problem could be related to your vehicle shocks.

    Investing in the nest rear shocks ensures a smooth ride over an uneven road surface. In addition, it aids in maintaining tire contact with the pavement.

    This is why we created this guide to help you find reliable shocks for your vehicle. We have only included options that we have tested.

    5 Best Rear Shocks for Towing

    Below are our top picks for the absolute best Rear Shocks for Towing. Read on to learn more:

    1. Monroe Max-Air (Best Overall)

    Monroe Max-Air MA785 Air Adjustable Air Shock Absorber Pack of 2
    • MAINTAIN RIDE HEIGHT UNDER LOAD -- Air chamber can be inflated or deflated up to 150 PSI to maintain...
    • EASY TO ADJUST -- Special air fitting resists air leakage and ties into factory system (where...
    • EXCEPTIONAL HANDLING -- Full-displaced valving on compression and extension cycles for a smooth ride

    The best rear shocks for towing is Monroe Max-Air. This is because they are durable, easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and have a load leveling of 1,200 pounds. This is very impressive.

    These shocks are popular because they are integrated to work with a factory compressor system. You can pump it up to 150 PSI for 1,200 lbs.

    In addition, it comes with a two-year warranty, and it is very affordable. The only downside is that the portable 12-volt pumps will struggle to reach 150 PSI.

    However, they are quite technical to install.


    • It has a 1,200 pounds of load-leveling capability
    • It is very easy to install
    • It comes with a two-year warranty
    • It is very affordable
    • It is made from durable materials


    • The portable 12-volt pumps will struggle to reach 150 PSI

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    2. Gabriel Hi-Jackers (Best Value)

    Gabriel 49215 Hijacker, black
    • America's best-known air-adjustable shock absorber
    • Ideal for temporarily towing boats and trailers or heavy loads
    • Can help improve handling and can reduce the risk of bottoming out

    The Gabriel Hi-Jackers is another impressive air shock absorber ideal for towing applications. You can also use it on pickup trucks and modified muscle cars.

    The most outstanding feature of this model is the impressive 1,100 pounds of load-leveling capacity. In addition, it is manufactured by a reputable brand that has been trusted for more than 50 years.

    This shock absorber is ideal for those who want to tow boats and trailers or heavy loads temporarily. It is compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

    The only downside is that the air hose kit is sold separately. This is why the price jumps over the $100 mark.

    This is the best choice for you if you want to level your loaded vehicle for safe driving. However, it is important to check if it is compatible with your vehicle.


    • It is ideal for towing and muscle cars
    • It is compatible with a wide range of towing vehicles
    • It is made from durable materials
    • It can withstand 200 PSI of air pressure
    • It is made by a trusted brand


    • It is a bit expensive

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    3. Bilstein B8 5100 (Best Performance Shocks)

    Bilstein 33-225807 B8 5100 Shock Absorber B8 5100 Shock Absorber,Silver
    • Package Dimensions: 65.532 H x 0.508 L x 7.874 W (centimetres)
    • Package Weight: 2.494 kilograms
    • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

    If you have a Jeep truck, the Bilstein B8 5100 is a solid choice for you. It is made from durable materials, making it ideal for rough terrain. This is why we included it on our list today.

    The high-quality standard design ensures they last for a long time. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees it delivers value for the money you spend.

    It also features an inverted monotube design and a 46-millimeter rod for stability. This helps improve the ride quality and smooth out the motions of a tow vehicle. You will have complete control of your car.

    It is engineered to provide plenty of absorption over large potholes. This allows you to go for off-road adventures.

    It is a bit expensive for a non-leveling shock, but it will deliver value for the money you spend. They are ideal for driving on rough terrain.


    • It has a durable construction
    • It comes with a fantastic limited warranty
    • It features an inverted monotube design
    • It ensures you have a smooth ride
    • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty


    • The digressive damping usually requires an adjustment period

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    4. Rancho 9000XL Shock Absorber

    Rancho RS9000XL RS999286 Shock Absorber
    • NINE LEVELS OF PERFORMANCE -- Nine-position easy-to-adjust knob allows customized damping control...
    • DESIGNED FOR HARDWORKING VEHICLES -- Ideal for stock or lifted trucks, SUVs and Jeeps that tow, haul...
    • INDUSTRY FIRST -- Recognized as the first nine-position manually adjustable shock series in the...

    The Rancho 9000XL Shock Absorber is a premium model with nine performance levels. It has an easy-to-adjust knob for on-road and off-road flexibility.

    We included this model because it is designed for stock or lifted trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. They are compatible with a wide range of towing vehicles.

    This shock absorber is nitrogen pressurized to 120 PSI to minimize air-to-oil mixture. This helps to improve the overall performance.

    The strong and durable design is ideal for towing or driving on rough terrain. The 18mm nitro-carburized piston rod is resistant to corrosion and scuffs. It is built to last for a long time, even when exposed to harsh environments.

    The only downside is that the adjusters require regular maintenance to work efficiently.

    However, we recommend this model for your vehicle. This is because it is designed to absorb ride harshness and enhance responsiveness to changing road conditions.


    • It has an excellent price-to-performance ratio
    • It is straightforward to use
    • It is made of durable materials to ensure it lasts for a long time
    • It provides you have a smooth ride
    • It is compatible with many SUVs and trucks


    • The adjusters require regular maintenance

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    5. Sachs Nivomat Dampers (Easiest to Install)

    Sachs 444 240 Nivomat Shock Absorber
    • Sachs 444 240 Nivomat Shock Absorber

    If you are looking for a premium rear shock absorber, the Sachs Nivomat Dampers is a solid choice. The system makes use of mechanical energy. It is generated after you start driving.

    Most enthusiasts recommend this model because it is a self-contained load-leveling shock absorber. In addition, it is very easy to install compared to other options available today.

    They are very costly, but they are worth the price. This is because no electronics or lines are needed when you are installing them on your car.

    This model is very durable and will last for a long time. The only problem is that some users might be a bit expensive.

    We recommend it for enthusiasts who have a high budget.


    • It is a self-contained load-leveling shock absorber
    • It is made of durable materials
    • It is very easy to install compared to most options
    • It ensures you have a comfortable driving experience
    • It requires little maintenance


    • It is a bit expensive for some users

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    Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Rear Shocks For Towing

    If you want to increase the performance of your towing vehicle, we recommend buying the best shocks for towing. It will help you to enhance vehicle stability during cornering, braking, and acceleration.

    They are designed to absorb vibrations that vehicle occupants could experience, especially when traveling long distances. In addition, it helps to reduce bouncing when driving on rugged terrain.

    This section will discuss some important factors you need to consider when shopping for the best rear shocks for towing.

    Let us get right into it.

    1. Price

    The first thing you need to check is the price of the shock absorber you want to buy. It is always advisable to stick to your budget.

    Higher-priced options are loaded with many impressive features to improve performance. Some enthusiasts believe that expensive shocks last longer, but that is not always the case.

    It is worth mentioning that there are many budget-friendly options available today. This is why we have included differently priced options that do not compromise on quality.

    However, some cheap options are made of low-quality materials. They will not last for a long time when exposed to harsh environments.

    Choose shock absorbers that fit your specific requirements.

    2. Installation

    Some shock absorbers are easy to install, while others require mechanical experience. If it is your first time, we recommend consulting an experienced mechanic. This ensures that you do not make any mistakes when installing it on your car.

    In addition, most shock absorbers come with detailed instructions on how you can install them at home. You can also check videos online to help you out.

    3. Compatibility

    Before buying any shock absorber, knowing the model that fits your car is very important. It is advisable to purchase shock absorbers that are specifically designed for your vehicle.

    Although most of these devices have a wide compatibility range, double-checking is a good idea.

    Therefore, you must choose wisely depending on your specific requirements.

    4. Durability

    Investing in a pair of durable shock absorbers is important if you want the best driving experience. A good shock enables the car’s springs to adjust to various driving scenarios while maintaining the ride height.

    The shocks should be made from durable materials to ensure they last a long time. Do not make the expensive mistake of investing in a model made from cheap materials.

    5. Load Capacity

    The other important feature you need to consider is the load capacity. It will determine the type of shock absorbers you need to buy.

    They need to hold your truck’s weight in addition to its occupant, tools, and cargo. This is why we have only included models that are made from superior quality materials.

    They are engineered to hold a considerable load capacity compared to other options available today.

    6. Warranty

    If you have a higher budget, we recommend buying models that come with a warranty. This will deliver value for the money you spend.

    If the product you buy has a good warranty, they will repair or replace it if damaged.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Here are some of the frequently asked questions on Rear Shocks for Towing:

    1. How Are Shocks Designed For Towing Different From Other Shocks?

    Shocks specifically built for towing have a heavier-duty monotube design that is ideal for carrying heavy loads. The leveling design makes driving very comfortable.

    The options we have shared in this post are specifically designed for towing. You will not make an expensive mistake buying them.

    2. Is It Important To Level My Towing Vehicle?

    Leveling your vehicle to achieve the best traction and stability is essential. Leveling your vehicle helps you to increase control over the front wheels. The front wheels steer your vehicle and provide stopping power.

    Therefore, you need to level your vehicle with the best rear shocks for towing.

    3. What Are Non-Leveling Performance Shocks?

    Upgraded non-leveling performance shocks are ideal for off-road applications. They are popular because they offer a nice balance between a comfortable ride and higher performance in a maintenance-free package.

    4. What Kind Of Shocks Are Best For Towing?

    The best shocks for towing are Bilstein 4600/5100 series, Sachs Nivomat Dampers, and Rancho RS9000XL. They all have pros and cons but are typically recommended for towing applications.

    5. Should I Upgrade My Shocks For Towing?

    Lifting the suspension system and upgrading its components is very important because it will give you a better and safer driving experience.

    Your vehicle will corner better, tow your caravan more easily and take more weight.


    In summary, we have reviewed some of the best rear shocks for towing available today. They are compatible with many vehicles and are very affordable.

    In addition, we have discussed essential factors you need to keep in mind when searching for a shock absorber.

    It is crucial to pick a durable pair of shocks if you want a comfortable ride or total control over your vehicle. They should be corrosion-resistant to increase the life of the shock absorber.

    We recommend load-leveling and air shocks for the modern Ram 1500s. If you are searching for a premium model, the Sachs Nivomat Dampers is worth the price.

    We hope that this post helped you to narrow down your search

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