Reasons For Vehicle Pulling to One Side (Right or Left)

    It’s frustrating when you’re driving and you feel your automobile pulling on one side. While it is common, it can be dangerous, as it could result in the driver losing control of the vehicle.

    There might be numerous explanations for your automobile to swerve to the Right or left, some of which are more serious than others. There might be a problem with the tires, wheel balance, or worn-out suspension parts, among others reasons.

    Nonetheless, to fully identify the problem, you will need the assistance of a professional mechanic.

    Reasons Your Car Is Pulling in Either Direction

    1. Wheel Alignment

    Incorrect wheel alignment is the most common cause of an automobile pulling to one side.

    If this is the case, the car will likely drift in one direction when you let go of the steering wheel, and the steering wheel will be unlikely to return to its original position.

    Furthermore, if you examine your tires, you will most likely discover uneven tread wear.

    2. Complications with the Brake System

    The tugging problem might be caused by braking system complications such as a jammed caliper, dry sliding pins, and a collapsed brake line. The most prevalent problem is a jammed caliper.

    Calipers provide pressure to the brake pads by utilizing the hydraulic braking system. They are critical in bringing the car to rest after applying the brake pedal. If one of them fails to operate correctly, the automobile will pull to one side.

    3. Worn out Suspension Parts

    The suspension will most certainly fail at some time. Ball joints, control arms, struts, shocks, and bushings are just a few of the parts that might wear down over time.

    The damaged components will cause the car to slide to one side during braking.

    Suspension components exhibit indications of wear over time. Thus, you may not know the problem until a component is damaged or broken.

    Reasons Your Car Is Pulling To The Right

    1. Tire Pressure Disparity

    When your vehicle pulls to the Right, the first thing you should check is the tire pressure. For example, if one side of the car has underinflated tires, the vehicle’s height will be out of proportion. Low tire pressure will increase rolling resistance, resulting in misalignment.

    Overinflation is also harmful, causing the automobile to pull to one side. It occurs as a result of the overinflated tire, causing the automobile to push away from it.

    2. Faulty Steering Linkage

    Another cause of a car pulling to the Right is when turning is a loose, deteriorating, or weak tie rod end. When the problem worsens, the wheel will regularly shake violently. Instead of a steering box, modern cars utilize a rack-and-pinion system.

    Reasons Your Car Is Pulling To The Left

    1. Mismatched Brake Pads

    The amount of friction varies depending on the kind of brake pad material. So, if you or the preceding owner of your car changed the brake pads on one wheel alone, the left-side brake pads are likely to have a different friction material than the right-side brake pads.

    This can cause one pair of brake pads to have greater stopping force than the other, causing your automobile to swerve left when you use the brakes.

    2. Distinct Tread Pattern

    Every tire is made with a specific tread pattern. Distinct manufacturers, and even tires from the same brand, will have variable tread patterns with different wear and rolling characteristics.

    Even changing one tire in a set with one that doesn’t match might result in a pull, especially if that tire is on the front. It’s best always to change tires in pairs and put the fresh ones on the back axle.

    In Summary

    There are many reasons that a vehicle will pull to the right or left. Often, this is caused by an uneven tire pressure in one side of the car’s front tires. This can be fixed with a simple adjustment from your local mechanic and you should have your wheels checked regularly for any signs of wear as well as other issues such as wobbly steering wheel or problems with suspension system parts.

    If the problem persists, it may be time to replace those tires before they become entirely defective and lead to more severe safety hazards. Other causes include alignment issues, brake pads wearing down too much on only one side due to overuse, worn-out shock absorbers, or loose lug nuts, which all need professional attention.

    The next time you notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side, don’t panic. You may feel frustrated and unsure of the problem, but it’s not always a serious issue. All it will likely take is an adjustment in tire pressure or alignment for the car to drive straight again.

    If you’re still convinced, there might be more going on with your ride after reading this article, contact your local mechanic and schedule for your vehicle servicing. It is important to diagnose and repair any problems quickly to avoid getting worse and costlier down the road.

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