Common Causes of Oil Leaks in Cars [Causes and Solutions Explained]

    An engine oil leak is one of the most prevalent causes of vehicle damage. If your car’s engine is leaking oil, it will degrade quickly and eventually quit operating.

    A faulty seal or gasket often causes engine oil leaks, which can also be caused by damaged parts such as a broken oil pan.

    Understanding the leading causes of automobile oil leaks is critical, and knowing exactly how to solve them. Engine oil leaks might even cause you to lose control of your car while driving, which could lead to a crash.

    Solutions To Oil Leaks In Cars

    1. A Worn-Out or Misaligned Oil Filter

    It’s best practice to replace your oil filter every time you get your oil changed. The oil filter will wear out and accumulate more sludge and particles over time.

    Your oil filter may potentially become misaligned, or if you just had your oil changed, your new oil filter may have been incorrectly aligned when it was replaced.

    It is important to get your Oil filter replaced and fixed by a qualified mechanic.

    2. A Broken or Loose Filler Cap

    Another typical source of Vehicle engine oil leaks is when your filler cap, which covers where you put oil into the engine, is damaged, loose, or missing.

    Engine pressure may cause oil to flow out while the car is operating. When this happens, obvious oil puddles will rapidly appear below your car or gather around the engine.

    3. A Worn-Out Valve Gasket

    Since your engine is a closed system, all seals and gaskets must be kept in good working order. They will wear out over time due to use and temperature exposure and sludge accumulation from motor oil.

    As the pressure in your engine rises, the gaskets may begin to leak. If the problem is not fixed quickly enough, the gaskets may fail, necessitating expensive engine repairs.

    4. Oil Pan Impairment

    Your oil pan may be hit when driving, especially in bad weather or during off-roading, where the underbelly of your car is more prone to be damaged.

    This can result in an oil leak produced by a hole in your oil pan or a dent causing a mismatch with your oil drain plug.

    Solutions To Oil Leaks In Cars

    1. Use of an Engine Oil Leak Sealant

    If the leak is minor, a high-quality engine oil leak sealer might perform wonders! An Oil Leak sealer is a special liquid solution that is mixed with the engine oil.

    The sealer seals the leak from the inside out while also acting as a conditioner for the joint seal and gasket, restoring them to their natural form. It does not block any channel due to its liquid condition.

    2. Tighten the Slack Bolts

    Take a torque wrench and inspect the oil pan for loose bolts. Bolts might become loose over time. When the oil pan appears to be snug, proceed to the timing belt cover and finally the valve covers.

    Remember that each automobile model requires tightening nuts in a particular pattern and to a specified tolerance. These specs are usually available at most car parts retailers.

    3. Replace Any Damaged Gaskets or Worn-Out Seals

    New seals and gaskets are inexpensive, but replacing them takes time since you may need to unbolt or remove several components to reach the broken ones.

    The replacement of gaskets will guarantee that no engine oil leaks occur. This indicates that the engine will function well, and so the fuel consumption will be low.

    4. Regular Oil Change and Maintenance

    Proper, regular maintenance and frequent oil changes will help you avoid additional damage to major engine components, effectively preventing damage and leaks before they occur.

    To Keep tabs to this, a regular maintenance checklist is a smart way to go. Even a car storage checklist might assist you in focusing on essential areas for auto maintenance.

    Final Words

    In summary, it’s important to take care of your car. The more you drive and the higher mileage, the more likely you are going to experience a leak in your engine oil system.

    However, by taking preventive measures like changing your oil regularly or using a quality Oil Leak Sealant can help prevent any future leaks from occurring.

    We hope this blog post has been informative for those that have ever questioned why their car was leaking so much oil!

    If anyone needs additional information on how we can help with these issues please Contact us at anytime as we would be happy to assist them with anything they need.

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