How To Remove Yellowing From White Car Paint [5 Best Methods]

    Do you own a white vehicle? Have you noticed its color fading and turning yellow? How do you remove yellowing from white car paint? If you’re not sure what’s causing the yellowing on your car and how to fix it, you’re not alone.

    Many people don’t know how to properly take care of their car paint, and as a result, it starts to fade and discolor.

    Over time, white car paint can start to yellow for a variety of reasons.

    The leading cause of white car discoloration is oxidation caused by UV rays from the sun. Secondly, as time flies, the clear coat on top of the paint starts to wear away, and the yellow pigment from the car’s original undercoat color begins to show through.

    This blog post will look at the causes of yellowing car paint and some tips for preventing it. We’ll also discuss some of the available solutions for fixing a yellowed car to restore your vehicle’s original color.

    So read on to learn more about this pesky issue!

    What causes the yellowing of white car paint?

    Have you ever noticed that over time, your white car’s paint seems to turn a little bit… yellow? It’s not an attractive look, and it can be tough to figure out how to get rid of it.

    But what is causing this discoloration in the first place? And, more importantly, how can you prevent it from happening in the first place? Keep reading to find out!

    1. Acid Rain

    Acidic rainfall causes oxidation of the car paint which results to yellowing and the formation of other stains on your white car’s paintwork.

    This yellowing happens mainly on the topmost surfaces of a car, such as the roof, hood, and trunk.

    The best way to prevent this type of yellowing is always to pack your car in a sheltered area or use a car cover.

    2. Sun Light

    The Sun’s Ultra Violet rays, like acid rain, cause oxidation of the car paint, which lead to the white paint turning yellow.

    If you expose your car to direct sunlight over a long period, yellowing will start forming on the car parts that are directly exposed to the sun.

    3. Rust

    The formation of rust under the car paint causes yellowing. This type of yellowing mainly happens under the car panels, and it is common for those people who live in coastal or humid areas.

    It’s, therefore, vital to always make sure that you inspect your car frequently. This way, you will be able to spot the rust early and treat it to prevent severe car damage.

    4. Deposition of Black Asphalt

    If you notice that your white car has yellowing on the bottom rocker panels, it is more likely to have been caused by tar or black deposits left to sit on for a long time.

    The best way to remove such yellowing is to use a quality clay bar, like the Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System, to clean out the yellowing and eliminate any other impurities present.

    5 Ways to Remove Yellowing from White Car Paint

    I’m sure we’ve all seen it before. That unsightly yellow film seems to accumulate on the paint of our white car over time.

    While it’s not a huge deal, it can certainly be annoying and make your car look old and dirty.

    This section will show you how to remove that yellowing using just a few simple ingredients. So follow along and get your white car looking like new again!

    1. Use pH Balanced Car Shampoo

    You can remove yellowing from white car paint by simply washing it with car shampoo and water. Make sure that the shampoo that you use is pH balanced.

    Deviations from the ideal pH can cause dulling of the car paint.

    We do recommend the 3D Wash N Wax Car Wash Soap, as it’s pH balanced, easy-to-rinse formula, scratch-free soap with wax protection for ulitimate car cleaning and protection from UV rays and other contaminants.

    Steps To Follow:

    1. Use a clean sponge and apply the car shampoo.
    2. Wash the car thoroughly, focusing on the yellowed areas until the yellowing disappears.
    3. After that, rinse it using clean water, then use a dry piece of cloth to dry it.

    This method, however, will only be effective for fresh yellow stains. We recommend the clay bar, polising or paint correction method discussed below for severe yellowing.

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    2. Use of Vinegar

    If you don’t have a car shampoo nearby, you can use vinegar which is readily available in most households.

    Vinegar has stupendous cleaning properties, and it will be effective in removing fresh yellowing in your white car paint.

    Steps To Follow:

    1. Mix water and vinegar in equal proportions, then spray the solution on the affected part.
    2. Wait for the solution to settle for about half an hour, then clean the car thoroughly using a soft sponge or cloth.
    3. Wipe down and dry the car using a soft clean towel or microfiber cloth.
    4. You can repeat the same procedure if the yellowing doesn’t come out completely.
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    3. Use a Clay Bar

    You can also use a clay bar to remove yellowing and other stains in your white car paint.

    A clay bar is a soft, pliable piece of clay that lightly abrades the paint surface as it is rubbed over it. This removes any contaminants that have become embedded in the paint, restoring its original luster.

    Many professional detailers swear by clay bars, and they can be easily used at home with just a little practice.

    If your car’s paint has yellowed and lost its shine, give a clay bar a try – you may be surprised at the difference it can make.

    We always recommend the Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System, as it’s the benchmark of clay bar products.

    Steps To Follow:

    1. In this method, you will be required to wet the affected area first, using water or a detailer solution.
    2. After that, rub the clay upwards and downwards to remove the yellowing.
    3. The Clay bars will also provide a deep cleaning that removes the impurities which cause the stains and yellowing.
    4. Make sure you use the clay bars cautiously to avoid damaging your car’s wax and ceramic coatings.
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    4. Polish Your Car Frequently

    Frequent polishing of your car will not only correct the yellowing but also provide added protection from impurities that cause the yellowing.

    Ensure that your car is treated with wax once every month. Also, make sure that it is polished as frequently as possible.

    You can either hire a professional to polish it or do it yourself at home using an electric-powered orbital polisher like the Dewalt 20V MAX XR Cordless Polisher, if you can afford to hire someone to do it for you.

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    The Turtle Wax Color Magic Car Paintwork Polish for White Cars is the best polisher designed to restore color and shine, specifically for white vehicles.

    This polish manufactured by Turtle Wax is designed to be applied by hand using a buffing pad or an orbital polisher, such as the Dewalt 20V MAX XR Cordless Polisher, above!

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    5. Paint Correction

    If the yellowing on your white car has been there for a long duration, it might be challenging to remove it using the previous methods.

    In such an event, it would be better to carry out paint correction on the affected area.

    What is paint correction? Paint correction is a process that can help to restore the paint to its original condition.

    The first step is to evaluate the damage and choose the appropriate course of action. For minor scratches, a polishing compound may be all that is needed.

    More severe damage may require wet sanding or even repainting.

    Once the decision has been made, the next step is to begin the correction process. This involves using special tools and products to remove the damaged layer of paint and reveal the healthy layer beneath.

    When done correctly, car paint correction can make a huge difference in the look of a vehicle. And for white cars especially, any paint fading or yellowing is completely eradicated.

    Steps To Follow:.

    Check out the video below by Chemical Guys for a detailed paint correction process. Note: The following two products are needed for optimum results.

    1. Chemical Guys Clay Bar & Lubber Synthetic Lubricant Kit, Available on Amazon.
    2. Chemical Guys Line Polish and Compound Kit, Available on Amazon.

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    Final Word

    In conclusion, we have seen that there are a few methods to remove yellowing from white car paint.

    While some of these methods may be more effective than others, they all have the potential to restore your car’s paint job to its original condition.

    If you are looking for a way to restore your car’s paint and eliminate those unsightly yellow spots, any of these methods should do the trick.

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