How to Remove Sticker from Car Window (Without Leaving any Sticker Residue)

    Removing a sticker from your car window can be a difficult and tasking process.

    It’s not just about removing the sticker, you also want to avoid leaving any sticky residue behind that will attract dirt and cause scratches.

    Its important to note that the sticker adhesive bounds with the glass over a period of time, and therefore becomes more difficult to remove. This bounding is further compounded if the sticker is exposed to direct sunlight over an extended timeframe.

    This guide is going to show you how to remove stickers without leaving any sticky residue behind! We’ll walk you through five different methods of getting rid of those pesky stickers on your car window, both from inside and outside the car window.

    Why is it Hard to Remove Stickers from Car Windows?

    1. Adhesive/ Glue

    Car Sticker whether insurance, parking pass or membership tickets, car stickers have some very tough glue that enables them to firmly stick on the car window without peeling off, over a very long period of time. This glue can be stubborn to come off even when you need to dispose of the sticker.

    2. Delicate Windows

    The window is a delicate part of the car. Using a sharp or hard object in an effort to remove a sticker may end up causing more harm to the window than good.

    3. Sticker Residue

    Peeling off the sticker in a hurry will often leave some sticker and adhesive residue behind. This is something no one wants on their car window hence the much needed concentration and application of the methods described in this article.

    How to Remove Sticker from Car Window (Outside Window)

    Removing the sticker from the exterior of the car window is harder because the sun rays and other elements have caused the sticker to bound harder to the window.

    1. The Goo Gone Original Liquid Adhesive Remover

    Goo Gone Original Liquid - 8 Ounce and Sticker Lifter - Surface Safe Adhesive Remover Safely Removes...
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    The Goo Gone Original Liquid Adhesive Remover is a safe, pH-balanced cleaner that can be used on just about any surface.

    It’s specially formulated to break down and remove the adhesive from stickers without leaving behind any residue or harming your car’s finish.

    We recommend using this product in combination with an ice scraper (included in the package) for best results.

    How to use:

    • Simply spray the liquid onto the sticker, wait 30 seconds before scraping away at it with an ice scraper.
    • You should see some of the glue start to come off as you go along – if not, allow another minute for it to work its magic!
    • Once you have removed all of the coatings from both sides of your window (you may need 2 bottles depending on the size of the sticker and how strong the adhesive is bound to the glass).
    • Then peel away the sticker.
    • Clean off any remaining residue.

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    2. Isopropyl Alcohol/ Rubbing Alcohol

    Pronto 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (32 FL. OZ.)
    • Salon-grade formula; 99% isopropyl alcohol for multiple purposes
    • High evaporation rate

    The Pronto 99% Isopropyl Alcohol brand in particular has been used in saloons to clean off nail polish, gel polish. glitter polish and nail glue.

    My team and I found out that it can also be used to remove sticker and sticker residue quite easily and effectively.

    It is easy to use and dries off quickly, leaving a clean and residue free finish. It is also gentle on the car glass and windows.

    You can also use rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol as a substitute.

    How to Use:-

    1. Apply rubbing alcohol to a dry paper towel then use the towel to completely soak the sticker on your car window.
    2. Once the sticker gets soft, peel it off or use a plastic scraper or a plastic card to scrape it out.
    3. Use a fresh paper towel soaked in alcohol to rub any residue away.

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    3. Sticker Remover Eraser Wheel

    CANOPUS Decal Remover Eraser Wheel - Adhesive, Pinstripe, Sticker, Vinyl Removal Tool Kit for Cars,...
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    The CANOPUS Sticker/ Decal Remover Eraser Wheel comes with a drill adapter to attach the Adhesive Remover Eraser Wheel, to a standard household drill.

    It works great to remove stickers from both car body and glass surface.

    Note: The eraser wheel is mate using a soft rubber material, and will not damage your car windows. Remember to use light pressure when using the drill.

    How to use:-

    • Attach the drill adapter to the CANOPUS Sticker/ Decal Remover Eraser Wheel.
    • Fasten the wheel into a standard household drill.
    • Turn on the drill, and maintain low speeds of 1500-2500 RPM to avoid damaging the glass surface.
    • Apply the side of the wheel directly to the unwanted sticker or decals on the glass surface.
    • Apply light to medium pressure to remove sticker from the glass surface, working back and forth until all the sticker residue is removed. (Shown in the Video Below)
    • After removing the sticker residue from the car window, wipe down thoroughly with alcohol.

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    How to Remove Sticker from Car Window (Inside Window)

    Removing the sticker from the interior of the car window is easier because the bounding the sticker to the glass has not been affected by the sun rays and other elements.

    1. Adhesive Cleaner/ Remover

    3M General Purpose Adhesive Remover, 38983, 12 oz Net Wt
    • Blend of non-abrasive solvents quickly dissolves adhesive residue without harming cured paint
    • Versatile for use during and after collision repair: remove masking residue

    An adhesive cleaner is specially formulated to soften the adhesive so that it can be easily removed.

    3M General Purpose Adhesive Remover is much cheaper than Goo Gone Original Liquid Adhesive Remover, and work well on Interior window stickers.

    It is packaged in an easy to use aerosol can, that can be used to remove adhesives both on glass and paint surfaces.

    3M General Purpose Adhesive Remover has a gentle and non-abrasive formulation, that quickly dissolves adhesive residue without damaging the glass surface.

    How to Use:-

    1. Spray the adhesive remover on the sticker and leave it to soak for some minutes.
    2. Then easily peel it or scrape it away with a plastic scraper.
    3. After removal, wipe the area with a cloth soaked in a window-cleaning detergent.

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    2. Baking Soda

    Arm & Hammer 33200-01670 Baking Soda Shaker, 12 oz., (Pack of 12)
    • Water resistant container
    • Ideal for high moisture areas like kitchen and bath

    You can remove car sticker residue by using baking soda, as it is completely harmless to the car glass surface, its also non-toxic and safe on your hands.

    How to use:-

    • Add some baking soda to a half a cup of cooking oil and mix.
    • Dab the sticker using the solution and give it some time to soak and then peel the sticker off from the edges.
    • You can use a plastic card, a plastic scraper or your fingers to peel it away.
    • NOTE: Do not use baking soda if the window is tinted to avoid damaging the tint film.

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    Final Word

    One of the most frustrating things in life is when you get a new car and then spend hours trying to remove old stickers from your windows.

    In this article we have reviewed the best methods that work well for removing sticker residue without leaving any behind.

    We do recommend using the Goo Gone Original Liquid Adhesive Remover, or the CANOPUS Sticker/ Decal Remover Eraser Wheel as its the most effective and efficient method to remove stickers from car windows, without leaving any Sticker Residue.

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