How to Make a Car Shine Like Glass – A Glossy Cleaning Guide

    Maintaining the shine on your car mainly involves taking care of the car’s paintwork and keeping it in good condition by cleaning and shining it regularly.

    Your Vehicle can begin to look dull if the paintwork is not well taken care of. It is however never too late to restore the bright shine of your car.

    A shiny car will help you create a good social impression when in public as well as impress potential buyers for your car.

    In this article we will review Eight simple methods, that will aid you in keeping your paintwork in tip top condition, and make your car sparkle like new again.

    How to Make Your Car Shine Like Glass

    #1. Use of Car Shampoo

    Using shampoo to wash your car is important in making your car shine. pH neutral automotive shampoo is specifically designed to lubricate and condition the car’s paintwork and helps stop paint from peeling, ensuring a glossy shine.

    It is not advisable to use washing up liquid on your car’s paintwork because most brands contain bleach, ammonia, and other chemicals that can break down the wax usually applied to the paintwork to protect it.

    We highly recommend the Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner and Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Shampoo. Both are great for both Body and Window washing. They have a balanced pH level and thus leave a great shine, while maintaining the paints protective layer.

    The Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo

    Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner is designed to wash and condition your car in one easy step. The shampoo is pH balanced to ensure that it cleans without corroding your paint work and thus prevents the striping of wax protection from your paint.

    After regular use the conditioners reveal your original color and clarity, leaving behind a brilliant and glossy shine.

    The shampoo is also designed to be used on both car body and windows. The premium formula gently foams away tough dirt, road grime & contaminants without compromising wax protection.

    The shampoo is also Foam Cannon Ready: Its diverse application allows it to be used in a bucket or in a foam cannon. It dilute ratio is 5:1 when used with a foam cannon.

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    Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Shampoo

    The Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Shampoo is our second choice car shampoo. It has the following qualities:-

    • Perfect wash for weekly maintenance
    • Excellent for two bucket wash or foam gun
    • PH neutral for a gentle wash
    • Extra slick for a scratch free washing experience
    • Rinses clean with no residue

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    #2. Drying

    Many people are unaware of the importance of drying a car after washing it. If water is left on your vehicle for too long, it can cause spots and other corrosion. The results can be devastating to the paint job and glossy shine of the car.

    It is therefore paramount to dry your car immediately after washing to prevent such damages.

    Drying your vehicle should be done with care to minimize damaging the surface of your vehicle and preventing opportunities to create scratches and swirls which may reduce the shine. To prevent this blow dry your car with a leaf blower or a dedicated car air dryer.

    You can also use a large microfiber towel to wipe down the car thoroughly. This kind of towel is excellent at absorbing water and is very delicate on the surface of your car or truck.

    We recommend The Adam’s Air Cannon Car Dryer Blower and the Super Absorbent Shammy Towel Premium Drying Cloth for Cars as the best products for cleaning your car

    Adam’s Air Cannon Car Dryer Blower

    The Adam’s Air Cannon Car Dryer Blower is the quickest way to dry your vehicle. It has an inbuilt filter that accelerates and heats air, to dry your care safely without any damage to your car paint and windows. Its other features includes:-

    • The quickest way to dry your vehicle – Dual-Motor forced Air Dryer
    • Inbuilt filters to ensure safe drying.
    • 30 foot flexible hose
    • Adjustable air drying speed upto 58,000 MPM
    • Safest way to dry your car, No scratches.

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    Super Absorbent Shammy Towel Premium Drying Cloth for Cars – 2 Pack

    Shammy Towel Premium Cloth Drying for Car – 2 Pack
    The drying cloth are considered the best industry standard for drying cars effectively and efficiently after washing.

    The drying cloths have the following qualities:-

    • Excellent Absorbency – it absorbs and holds large amounts of water leaving your car cleaner than a whistle.
    • Made from high quality material – cleans easy without leaving any marks and scrapes.
    • Large size – The Towels measure 17″ by 13″, that’s enough size to thoroughly clean large surface of your car at a go.
    • Reusable – its easy to wash and reuse for your next glossy clean.

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    #3. Wax and Seal the Car

    Waxing your car after washing and drying it is important because, according to experts, if you don’t wax the car within a few days of getting it washed, dirt and grime will start building up again on the exterior.

    After you have polished your car to perfection, it is therefore a good idea to add an extra protective wax layer. This creates a glossy layer that protects the paintwork from dirt and enhances the shine. 

    Paint sealants can also be used to provide the shine of wax, but they provide up to 2 years of protection. Every time you wash your car, it’s important to seal it with a protectant.

    Waxing also preserves the finish of the paint job and keep water spots from forming when driving through rain or snow. It also provides some protection against minor scratches. The most popular wax protectants we always recommend is Carnauba Wax, which come in liquid form and paste form.

    MEGUIAR’S Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Liquid Wax

    This Carnauba wax will give your with paint finish strong, long-lasting wax protection and a glossy finish. Its also Safe and effective on clear coats and all glossy paint types.

    Box Packaging comes with high quality soft foam applicator cloth, you should consider getting the Chemical Guys Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towels after the cloth wears out.

    Other Features:

    • Contains original carnauba wax plus protecting polymers for extra protection to your car finish.
    • 10 to 15 minutes cure time for the wax
    • Safe on Both car surface and glass
    • Can be used on glass surface to prevent water spots.
    • Can be used in both hot summer and coldest winter temperature range.

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    #4. Apply a Good Polish

    Car polish is a product that should be applied after washing your car. It restores the shine to your paint and helps protect it from the elements, which can cause corrosion. Applying car polish also helps remove any residue left behind by wash soap or wax.

    Many car owners are unaware of the importance of applying a car polish after washing to protect their paint from oxidation and fading. The best way to apply this is with an Orbital Polisher, which can be rented locally.

    To have a good-looking paintwork, it is good to invest in good polish for your car. Car polish helps to correct any imperfections and scratches in your car’s paintwork. Polishing your car is necessary to achieve the perfect shine as it removes minor blemishes, including surface scratches, swirl marks, and minor chips.

    3D Speed All In One Car Polish

    We always recommend 3D Speed All In One Car Polish because of:-

    • Its advance formulation that not only polishes and shines your car, but also offers paint protection, swirl correction and is a wax scratch remover.
    • Made by 3D Car Care, this product can be used in both Chrome, paint, plastic and metal surfaces.
    • Its great for paint restoration & glossy shine finish while Adding a Long Lasting Wax to the Surface

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    Chemical Guys 10FX Random Orbital Polisher

    We recommend using and Orbital Polisher for an effective and glossy polish finish. The Chemical Guys 10FX Random Orbital Polisher is our number one choice because of the following features:-

    • Ergonomic and lightweight design will make it real easy to polish your vehicle, without much strain.
    • Inbuilt controls: to ensure easy configuration of the rotation speeds for precise and intuitive control
    • Efficient power consumption: 110 Volts
    • Pads Included: Comes with a non-abrasive polishing pads that provide the excellent glossy non-abrasive finish.

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    #5. Paint Correction and Protection

    Paint correction is the process of removing scratches and swirls from your car’s paint. It can be done with a number of products, including rubbing compounds, polishing pads, and buffing wheels.  

    Paint Correction and Protection is an important activity if you wish to restore your car’s shine and protect your car’s finish by removing any imperfections that could get worse over time as you drive.

    We recommend having a professional detailer perform a paint correction service after every three washes for optimal results. They can remove anything from micro-scratches to deep scratches with special polishing compounds, choose one of their many techniques like wet sanding, machine buffing, or chemical etching – whatever is best suited for your particular vehicle needs!

    Chemical Guys JetSeal Paint  Protectant

    If you choose to do the paint correction by yourself recommend, Chemical Guys JetSeal Paint  protection as it creates a protective high quality gloss finish to paintwork, keeping it safe from environmental and climatic conditions. It also makes your car it easier to clean. This product will also remove any wax buildup on the surface and restore its shine.

    It also provides UV Protection and has Hydrophobic Properties

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    #6. Decontamination using Iron remover

    There are many factors that contribute to the rusting of a car. One of these is salt from winter weather, which can be found on roads and sidewalks in cities around the world.

    Other causes include oxidation, water spots, minerals from bird droppings or tree sap, acid rain and more. Unfortunately for drivers everywhere, this process is irreversible – but it doesn’t have to be!

    Other than rust; Brake Dust and Iron Particles cling onto the car surface and cause rust and other damages. 

    Gtechniq W6 Iron & General Fallout Remover
    This is a product sprayed on the affected surface and rinsed off with water after it has been allowed to sit and react for some time.

    It removes iron deposits on the paintwork, which mostly come from brake pads of other cars in traffic or even trains and industrial facilities.

    It also has the following benefits:-

    • Corrosion Inhibitor: it removes any Iron and Iron Oxide, preventing the formation of rust.
    • Acid rain Anti-corrosion protection: designed to combat the effects of acid rain.
    • Gentle on Wax and Sealants: does not damage waxes or coatings that you have previously applied.

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    #7. Decontamination using Clay Bar

    Claying is the process of rubbing a literal piece of clay across the surface of your paint. It pulls out all sorts of road grime that has adhered to your vehicles clear coat that simply washing can’t remove. Use a dedicated lubricant in order for the clay to glide across your paint

    The process of claying a car is an intensive and lengthy process. It can take hours to complete, and if you don’t do it right, the paint might become damaged. But when done properly, clay bar decontamination is a great way to get rid of embedded dirt that traditional washing doesn’t always reach–and to make your car shine as bright as new!

    Clay bars can be expensive, but they provide you with an opportunity to have a complete decontamination process that will last long after the wash.

    Mothers California Gold Clay Bar Kit

    Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System was created to remove the particulate debris and other contaminants that normal washing and polishing can’t remove.

    It has the following benefits:-

    • Advance Contaminant Removal Formula: Effectively removes embedded metal grains, tree sap, dust, smoke stain, airborne environmental contaminants and paint overspray.
    • Easy to use: The package comes with two clay bars, instant detailer spray and a premium Microfiber towel.
    • Glossy Shine Finish: finish off the process by using detailer spay and microfiber towel to polish the surface to give it a glossy finish.

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    #8. Windows and Glass Cleaning

    Most people neglect to clean their windows and that can lead to expensive repairs down the line which is why it’s important for you to take care of them now. Clean windows also means better vision while driving and improved road safety.

    After achieving the perfect shine on the paintwork, it is good to finalize by shining the glass. You can use your preferred glass cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the windows for a super shine.

    Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

    We always recommend Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner because of the following reasons:-

    • Gentle and Safe Formulation: The cleaner is Ammonia Free, thus safe to use on Window tint.
    • Streak-Free: anti-hazing properties leaves windows sparklingly clean
    • Quick Cleaning: advance formula dissolves and cleans dust, road grime, grease birds dropping and other contaminants in a single wash.

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    Final Words

    We hope you have found this guide useful, and that your car is now shining like glass!

    Your car should not only be clean but also shiny. A shiny finish gives off the perception of a well-taken care of vehicle, regardless of how old it is. It is appealing to potential buyers and also makes you stand out.

    The most important thing about cleaning a car is finding out what will work best for you and then sticking with it until it becomes second nature. That way, when dirt starts accumulating again (and let’s be honest-it always does), there are no excuses because the process will already be familiar to you. Happy polishing!

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