Best Sun Visor Extender for Your Car – A Buyers Guide

    It becomes very infuriating when the sun is directly hitting you and blinding your view as you drive. Sunglasses may not be enough to reduce the bright light and only a built-in sun visor can help at this point.

    Your Cars inbuilt sun visor might be too short to cover your eye range or it could be wrongly positioned. A car sun visor extender is a great way to dampen the light and thus improve your safety and driving experience.

    The best sun Visors will not only block the  sun and improve driver safety but will also protect you harmful UV radiation.

    What is a car Sun Visor Extender?  “it is a device that attaches to the sun visors in your vehicle and extends them. It is an essential a safety tool for drivers who are often blinded by direct sunlight and sun glare”.

    Importance of a Sun Visor Extender

    #1. Road Safety Benefits

    • Glare reduction – the direct light from the sun can be distracting by blinding you as you drive. A sun visor night not completely block the sun but it will help reduce the amount of glare.
    • Easy drive – a sun visor extender allows you to have a good view of the road ahead all day long, regardless of the position of the sun.

    #2. Health Benefits

    • Prevent headaches – due to the sensitivity of the human eye, looking directly at a powerful light source for long periods of time may cause headaches or migraine. A sun visor helps reduce the chances for these migraines and headaches.
    • Reduce eye stress – driving without a car sun visor can cause watery eyes or excessive blinking and rubbing. A sun visor extender prevents eye strain by reducing the amount of light that gets through it.

    Types of Sun Visor Extender

    #1. Visor Mounted

    The most common type of sun visor extender is the one that attaches to the top of your car’s inbuilt Visor. Most Vehicles come with a smaller inbuilt Visor. Thus an extender is an affordable and easy to fix option to protect the driver and the front passenger from the Sun’s glare, especially in the summer months.

    #2. Dashboard Mounted

    Another option is a magnetic visor extender that attaches to your car’s dashboard and can be moved around easily. However, this Visor option only protects the driver and the front passenger from the UV light coming from the front windshield; they don’t block UV rays coming through the doors windows.

    #3. Window Mounted Visor

    The third option for a sun visor extender is a clip-on style that clips onto the side of your car’s window. Window mounted Visor can provide sun protection to both the driver and the back seat passengers. In the case of the Passenger sun visor extender, an elastic band attached to it wraps around the driver’s headrest and then stretches over the back passenger window.

    Best Sun Visor Extender for Your Car Review

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    Photo Size Weight Type Rating

    Glare Guard Polarized Car Visor Extender
    L: 14″

    W: 0.25″

    H: 3.25″

    12 Ounces

    (340 Grams)

    Visor Mounted

    TuckVisor Limo Tint Car Sun Window Shade Visor
    L: 17.9″

    W: 0.1″

    H: 7.6″

    3.2 Ounces

    (90 Grams)

    Window Mounted

    EcoNour Polarized Car Sun Visor Extender
    L: 12.76″

    W: 0.83″

    H: 6.57″

    8.1 Ounces

    (230 Grams)

    Visor Mounted

    JoyTutus Polarized Sun Visor Extender for Car
    L: 13.78″

    W: 3.35″

    H: 6.69″

    1.04 Pounds

    (470 Grams)

    Visor Mounted

    EcoNour Baby Window Shade for Car
    L: 20″

    W: 0.2″

    H: 12″

    9.3 Ounces

    260 Grams

    Window Mounted

    #1. Glare Guard Polarized Car Visor Extender (Best Overall)

    Check Price on

    Glare guard is a US company that specializes in Polarized car visors, sunglasses and other automotive accessories, their polarized anti glare film technology is considered the industry benchmark.

    The Glare Guard Polarized Car Visor Extender in particular is made from high quality polarized film and is guaranteed to block upto 99.9% of the harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. To ensure high quality is maintained all parts are made in USA. The visor extender uses lightweight and temperature resistant aluminum clips with vestro straps to ensure safety and ease of installation. Since the Visor is lightweight it can remain attached to the cars inbuilt visor when not in use.

    The polarized film Improve contrast and ensure clear views; thus Eliminate distortions, eye tiredness, and vision degradation. This is crucial especially in long summer road trips, travelling or daily commuting.

    The Visor Extender can extend your normal visor by (14″ by 3.25″) and perfectly fits any saloon car, Truck or SUV.


    • Easy to Install – attached vestro straps
    • Durable – impact resistance, temperature resistance and scratch resistance.
    • 24 hours usage – Reduces Glare by Day and helps Visibility at Night
    • Can Be Used With Sunglasses
    • Great Value for money
    • Universal fit for all car brands
    • Made in USA


    • The Visor is a fingerprint magnet, however a Microfiber cleaning cloth is included in  the packaging
    • We noted that cleaning the Visor with soap damages the polarized film

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    #2. TuckVisor Limo Tint Car Sun Window Shade Visor (Best Window Mounted Visor)

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    TuckVisor Limo Tint Visor is simply designed to tuck into place between the window and the door trim. It’s made of Semi-Rigid Polycarbonate material that is easily adjustable and thus can easily mold into shape to fit any window size or shape.

    It offers 95% sun block and 99.9% Ultra Violet (UVA and UVB) protection. It’s made in USA and the manufactures assures lifetime durability, since the polycarbonate material doesn’t tear or fray.


    • Superior Optical Clarity – it blocks the sun and you can still see through it to safely drive.
    • Easy to Use
    • Lightweight – Weighs only 3.2 Ounces (90 Grams)
    • Easily Stores between Seat and Center Console
    • UV Ray protection guaranteed
    • Great Value for money
    • Legal in all states


    • Affected by cold winter weather and may wrinkle in freezing temperatures

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    #3. EcoNour Polarized Car Sun Visor Extender (Most Durable)

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    EcoNour is a company that is mainly focused on premium quality automobile accessories. Staying true to their name the EcoNour Polarized Car Sun Visor Extender is long lasting and offers premium protection from harmful UV rays while keeping your car cool in hot weather. The product is designed and made in USA.

    The Visor extender is made from Acrylic polarized glass enclosed with a high carbonate plastic case and covered with High quality leather. The Acrylic polarized glass is designed to block sun rays effectively, while offering clear visibility to ensure the drivers safety.

    It is very easy to install and the elastic straps, combined with the male and female buckle; ensure that the visor extender is kept in place no matter how bumpy the ride is.

    It is very easy to install and the elastic straps, combined with the male and female buckle; ensure that the visor extender is kept in place no matter how bumpy the ride is. The extender can also extend upto 10.7 inches to the side and 6 inches downwards, to effectively fit larger trucks and SUVs.


    • See-Through Polarized glass for greater UV protection and drivers safety
    • Made from durable and long lasting materials
    • Works on Side Windows and Passenger visor
    • Easy to install and store
    • Universal fit for Most of The Cars


    • Pricey compared to the aforementioned visor extenders

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    #4. JoyTutus Polarized Sun Visor Extender for Car (Best Value For Money)

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    The JoyTutus Polarized Sun Visor Extender for Car by Joytutus is a 360 degrees rotatable Visor extender. The arm extension comes with an inbuilt Anti-slip rubber pad, which increases friction and reduce jitter. It also stabilizes the support, and will not easily shake so that you can drive safely.

    The polarizing plate eliminates glare and provides a clear vision. This greatly Reduces eye fatigue, and therefore its the best protection for your eyes.


    • It rotates 360 degrees and can also be adjusted according to your height
    • Anti-fingerprint design – Reduce fingerprints on the polarized auto sun visor.
    • Durable design – impact-resistant and not easy to scratch
    • Cleaning cloth included in package
    • 1-year quality support by the manufacturer


    • Cannot be used with polarized sunglasses
    • It is not recommended to use in a dark environment

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    #5. EcoNour Baby Window Shade (Best for Baby or Back Passenger)

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    EcoNour’s Window Shield for baby offers great Baby or rear Passenger protection from the sun. It contributes total sun protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays and deflects sun heat in the most effective manner, while blocking the suns heat and keeping the inside of the vehicle cool. The Window sunshade comes in a pack of 4.

    The Window shade is made by durable materials including 80GMS Mesh, 3 times reinforced steel framework and connectors, premium static cling screen with no adhesives or suction cups. The shade comes in two variations; Semi Transparent and transparent.


    • Easy to Install
    • You can overlap two sunshades if the window is too big
    • Can be used in the cars Sunroof
    • Keeps car interior cool during weather
    • Foldable and thus easy to store
    • Washable


    • Not recommended for Front / driver windows

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    Factors to Consider Before Buying a Sun Visor Extender

    #1. Material

    You will want to get a good sun visor that is well-made and high-quality. You will however come across many built-in sun visors which feel frail and flimsy, so you want to make sure you get the best. If you are looking for an extender that connects directly to the visor or the window, make sure it is durable and sturdy to prevent it from falling off when you drive. The same goes for extenders that attach to the windows.

    #2. UV Protection

    Protection from the sun’s UV rays is the main function of a car sun visor. Driving in direct sunlight can affect your eyes and even cause you headaches. Having a visor extender that is enhanced to provide protection from the UV rays ensures that you have a comfortable experience driving. It also helps prevent sun burns that are caused by direct sunlight.

    #3. Size

    Your car sun visor extender should be able to fit your window or built-in visor properly. Some sun visors may not be compatible with different car models hence you should look for one that fits your car. Others might too big and require trimming to fit into your car window.

    #4. Installation

    You should not have a hard time trying to install a sun visor extender. The best sun visor extender should fit snugly and firmly on either the visor in the car or onto the window with ease.

    #5. Brand

    There are two main brands of car visor expander that is the Glare Guard, based out of Easton- Penn, which designs polarized car visors to help drivers see more clearly while they drive and the TuckVisor, based in McCloud, California, which makes a selection of visor extensions to block the sun rays.

    #6. Price

    There are two main price ranges for sun visor extenders.
    $15-$25-these visor extenders can be attached directly to the visor in your car or to the windows to provide the most basic protection against bright lights while also reducing glare.
    $25 and up- these sun visor extenders offer a wider selection of designs and features, including a filter that is useful for night driving. They also help reduce glare from headlights, traffic lights, reflected surfaces and harsh blue light.

    Final Words

    Squinting and moving forward towards the steering wheel are some of the hacks people use to try get a better view of the road when the sun’s rays are directly on their face causing blurry vision. A sun visor expander helps solve the problem of sun glare without having to strain as you drive. From our review research both the Glare Guard Polarized Car Visor Extender and the JoyTutus Polarized Sun Visor Extender for Car stood out as the best Sun visor extenders.

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